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sabato 18 aprile 2015

C-Heads Magazine

WOW!!!! C-Heads Magazine features our last video I Pay - MUAH!!!!

“A hymn to the therapeutic power of the kiss” Amycanbe drops a video clip for “I Pay”

“A hymn to the therapeutic power of the kiss, one might say”

Marco Trinchillo directed the new clip for the first promising single by Italian band Amycanbe taken from their new album “Wolf” which will be out on 20 April 2015. They only had ten days to come up with the idea and to realise the video for it and they lost already 3 of those days just to come up with the concept. So ultimately they chose to go for something where you can´t do much wrong. Get some couples or strangers together and let them kiss in front of the camera. So they called friends, and friends of friends and invited strangers to appear in the clip and the result is intense as a kiss itself. “Well, can I use this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who I could “borrow out” to kiss in front of me.” Muah!


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