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mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Giuseppe Righini / I Fiori di plastica sono per sempre / Matthew & Mark Remix

L'amico cantautore GIUSEPPE RIGHINI ha lanciato qualche giorno fa il suo ultimo stravagante progetto intitolato ‘Enciclopedia completa di uno sconosciuto’ https://www.facebook.com/events/385771681567680/?ref=22

Vi partecipano anche i nostri Mattia e Marco con un remix di "I Fiori di plastica sono per sempre"


martedì 14 gennaio 2014

SHOP - Buy vinyls

We just updated our SHOP on the main site http://www.amycanbe.it/shop_amycanbe.html - now you can buy also the Feedbands vinyl special edition of Mountain Whales - we have got few remained copies to sell...


giovedì 9 gennaio 2014


We are featured artists on Audiosparx

...from Audiosparx facebook page:

"Check out Hot New Artist Amycanbe’s #Mellow #Emo #PopMusic Video, featuring dreamy lyrics by Francesca Amati. Based in Italy, with English vocals, Amycanbe is an Indie Pop band, with a cult-like following in Italy and the UK. Their catalog is a mix of Alt Pop, Folk, Indie Rock, Electronic, and Trip Hop -- and here’s their track online at AudioSparx to toss in your shopping cart:

Click now to hear their laidback “Zero Session #1 - Truth Be Told” Video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vmis_nrbMkg "