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martedì 14 luglio 2015

Amycanbe - 29 Luglio LIVE al Marè -Cesenatico

Il 29 Luglio LIVE al Marè -Cesenatico-


Krykey Premium Radio - charts

3 songs this week on Top 25 ‪#‎chart‬ KryKey - Web Radio


Amycanbe live @ La Lampara - Pescara, Italy

 #pictures on #facebook by Julian Hondius

"Climbing" in Asia

"Climbing" in Heart Songs Sung, Vol. 5 ‪#‎compilation‬ out now in ‪#‎asia‬


"Who is Amycanbe?" Good question! :-)

MusikFace featuring Amycanbe - I Pay

WOLF - Summertour 2015

Il WOLF - Tour continua...

Andy's Shoes OST in Prego - Short Film

Prego - Short Film just won a best short award at the 2015 Manhattan Film Festival - The comedy short film directed by Usher Morgan features our song "Andy's Shoes" as soundtrack - Cheers!

Here a live version of "Andy's Shoes" (no overdubs) recorded some time ago at Deposito Zero Studios for an intimate session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOVJ62jG7ao