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venerdì 30 aprile 2010

Rose Is A Rose in the Indie Top 100


Rose Is A Rose just entered the Indie Top 100

JUST VOTE for it to raise up the chart!

and remember to support Amnesty with PEACE



lunedì 26 aprile 2010

Sounday: il futuro della discografia comincia ora

Da Outune.net:

Abbiamo incontrato Eugenio e Giuseppe di Sounday per farci spiegare in cosa consiste il loro progetto. Una scommessa destinata a rivoluzionare il mercato discografico e a dare finalmente una chance concreta a molti artisti e band senza contratto.

lunedì 19 aprile 2010

Win Tickets With PEACE

Download PEACE and win tickets to the world's best festivals:

Buffetlibre and Amnesty International give you the chance to win tickets to world's best festivals.

Download PEACE at http://www.buffetlibredjs.net/peace.html and choose the festival you want to go!

They are giving 80 tickets to:

- PITCHFORK MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010 (USA): July 16-18. http://www.pitchforkmusicfestival.com/

- FIB HEINEKEN 2010 (SPAIN): July 15-18. http://fiberfib.com/

- EUROCKÉENNES 2010 (FRANCE): July 2-4. http://www.eurockeennes.fr/

- ROSKILDE (DENMARK): July 1-4. http://www.roskilde-festival.dk/

- ESTRELLA LEVANTE SOS 4.8 (SPAIN): April 30 - May 1. http://www.sos48.com/

- T IN THE PARK 2010 (UK): July 9-11. http://www.tinthepark.com

- CMJ MUSIC MARATHON 2010 (USA): October 19-23. http://cmj.com/marathon/

- ICELAND AIRWAVES 2010 (ICELAND): October 14-17. http://www.icelandairwaves.is/

- PARKLIFE FESTIVAL BRISBANE 2010 (AUSTRALIA): http://www.parklife.com.au/

- POOLBAR FESTIVAL 2010 (AUSTRIA): July 2 - August 22. http://poolbar.at/

- PALEO FESTIVAL NYON 2010 (SWITZERLAND): July 20 - July 25. http://yeah.paleo.ch/en

- FLOW FESTIVAL 2010 (FINLAND): August 13-15. http://www.flowfestival.com/en/

- RIFFLANDIA FESTIVAL 2010 (CANADA): http://www.rifflandia.com/

- BLOC FESTIVAL 2011 (UK): http://www.blocweekend.com/

- DOUR FESTIVAL 2010 (BELGIUM): July 15-18. http://www.dourfestival.be/en

- CREAMFIELDS ANDALUCIA 2010 (SPAIN): http://www.creamfields-andalucia.com/

- OPPIKOPPI FESTIVAL 2010 (SOUTH AFRICA): http://www.oppikoppi.co.za/

- ELEVATE FESTIVAL 2010 (AUSTRIA): October 21-26. http://www.elevate.at/

- CRUILLA BCN FESTIVAL 2010 (SPAIN): July 16-17. http://www.cruillabarcelona.com/

- DONAU FESTIVAL 2010 (AUSTRIA): April 28 - May 4. http://www.donaufestival.at

New Official PEACE video by Micah P. Hinson


Official PEACE video:

Micah P. Hinson - The Life, Living, Dying, And Death Of One Certain & Peculiar L.J. Nichols

Join the cause - enjoy PEACE!!!



sabato 17 aprile 2010

Somebody loves us in Ibiza!!!


well...you know, there's been a record out called Cafe Mambo Ibiza 09 Compiled by Jose Padilla last summer...we found this great interview to Jose...so now we got also a video of our 24 hours remix by Yellowtail! Funny to find it out!

you can find the part 1 here



Listen to PEACE radio!!!


Listen to PEACE radio and discover some great new music!!! Then please donate to Amnesty International, download all the 180 songs and partecipate to win tickets for best Summer Festivals in the world!!!

Visit PEACE great site.

Let's dance around the world and enjoy!!!


mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

PEACE is a real experience!!!


PEACE project is so much more than a compilation, it is a real experience and this is the video I'm from Barcelona made for it!

I'm from Barcelona - Anywhere You Looked (Au Revoir Simone cover)

Join PEACE!!!


Welcome to PEACE, the first music atlas in the net

PEACE, a unique initiative co-produced by Buffetlibre and Amnesty International Catalunya, is finally available, including more than 180 exclusive and unreleased songs by artists from more than 50 countries. The compilation is digitally available worldwide here ( http://www.buffetlibredjs.net/peace.html ) and can be downloaded after making a donation to Amnesty International Catalunya. The collected money will be used for AI’s investigation and action campaigns aimed at preventing cases of Human Rights abuses around the world.

Among the 182 artists participating in this project there are acclaimed musicians and exciting new talents from countries and territories such us USA, England, France, Spain, China, Mali, Japan, Congo, Senegal, Venezuela, Cuba, Israel, Palestine, New Zealand, Tibet, Turkey or Thailand, to name only a few.

All the songs included in PEACE are available for streaming at http://www.buffetlibredjs.net/peace.html as well as information on all artists participating in the project. The full compilation, downloadable through a donation to Amnesty International Catalunya, includes all the songs in 320Kbps mp3 format.

Dance around the world. Enjoy PEACE.

domenica 11 aprile 2010

PEACE - Out Now!!!


Amycanbe, amongst many others artists from over 50 countries, such as Mogwai, 4hero, Patrick Wolf, Fennesz, Ryuichi Sakamoto to name a few, join the music atlas project, by Barcelona djs Buffetlibre & Amnesty International.

PEACE is out now, given for free to all those who, through the official PEACE website, make a minimum donation in favor of the NGO Amnesty International. All benefits will go to Amnesty International's humanitarian aid projects in areas of conflict.

We contribute the music atlas with a new song called

Rose Is A Rose (PEACE Mix)

Let's give support to Amnesty International, download the compilation and enjoy!!!