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lunedì 30 marzo 2015

Amycanbe - Live in TPO - Bologna (Photo album)

PHOTO ALBUM by Davide Cremonini

Great night!

WOLF - New album cover

Sentireascoltare just revealed the cover of our new album WOLF out next 20th April in all stores worldwide.

As you can see, at the end of the article there is also the chance to listen to an old unreleased remix of Heal "V3 Dino" mix by Roger O'Donnell.

Roger, better known as keyboard player in The Cure, has been one of the first interested in our music...and after our first album "Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated", he kindly donated this remix to us; but it has never been released so far because we thought we'd lost it in a moving, so we just give it away now as a gift to you as well.

A lot of remixes have been made in the years but just a few were released...maybe one day we will collect them all in a deluxe box-set!  :-)

Remixes are a funny thing to do and to listen....and some of us enjoy making them too, as mERCU did for "Everywhere"

Here a link

...But something else is stirring, something out our way. -)

Anyway...we thank you Roger, you are a true gentleman, and invite all of you to pre-order our next album from next 05th April on iTunes

Very soon!

venerdì 27 marzo 2015

New Amycanbe 1st gig in Bologna (WOLF out 20th April 2015)


Here is a picture from the mixer of yesterday great night!...first time we played the new songs of our brand new album called WOLF...it will be out in the stores from 20th April.

Thank you Flavia, Enolibrì, Confidenziale RadioKairos Bologna and Bologna, Italy ...all gigs should be like that...great!

Very Soon