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martedì 9 agosto 2016

Chinese ‪Qixi‬ Festival Compilation by Musicdish including Amycanbe's song: ASK ME

MusicDish*China (独立小炒) announced the upcoming release of it's Valentine-themed ‪#‎playlist‬ for Chinese ‪#‎Qixi‬ Festival celebrating the romantic legend of two separated lovers, the weaver maid Zhinü and cowherder Niulang, and their annual reunion on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month (August 9th).
The Compilation features our song "Ask Me"
《Touch 触碰》独立小炒七夕特辑 - 耳机里,是来自你的触碰
1. "Born Beautiful" - Jon Mullane
2. "Valentine's Day" - Sarantos solo music artist
3. "Time" - Destiny Malibu
4. "Ask Me" - Amycanbe
5. "Home Away From Home" - Canopy Climbers
6. "Everything About You" - Invisible Poet Kings
7. "Common Chick" - Sullee J
8. "Fleur De Bossa" - Jacques Pellarin composer
9. "We're Time Machines" - Zufo
10. "Paris" - Tim Arnold

This year's Qixi playlist is specially dedicated to those couples kept apart by distance.

Fighting (Remix) in Diich by Radio Blitz Fm

Fighting ‪#‎remix‬ played by in diich podcast by Radio BLITZ FM


Buy Fighting (Remix) on iTunes - HERE

ION Indie Magazine features Buffalos

"Buffalos" is featured in the August issue of great ION Indie Magazine in "Artists to Watch" section on page 114. Cheers!



"Grief" a Straight8 Film by Leandro Santini: Soundtrack "Buffalos" by Amycanbe

GRIEF is the beautiful Straight 8 film by Leandro Santini with our song "Buffalos" as Soundtrack

Director Leandro Santini made this film for Straight 8's 2016 competition with a canon 814 xl on one cartridge of kodak vision3 200t super 8 film with only in-camera edits and no post-production.

Premiered on june 12th 2016 at straight 8's Vue Piccadilly London screening.


grief - a straight 8 film by leandro santini from straight eight on Vimeo.

otto d''Ame FW16 Campaign: Soundtrack is "Grano" by Amycanbe

Our song "Grano" is soundtrack in new Fashion Film by ottod'Ame - Italian Fashion Brand designed by Silvia Mazzoli

"Grano"  is a song from our album WOLF out now

R'ottodAme - ottod'Ame FW16 from ottod'Ame on Vimeo.

...and from youtube:

Amycanbe @ Clan Destino - Faenza - Live Pictures

All Live pictures by Davide Cremonini



Ballando coi lupi - Live Report

Shiver Webzine:

Quando si è davanti a qualcosa di bello e in qualche modo prezioso, sicuramente di raro splendore, si ha il dovere di raccontarlo. Recensione del concerto che gli Amycanbe hanno tenuto al Clan Destino di Faenza. http://goo.gl/KknzTm