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martedì 29 ottobre 2013

"Mountain Whales" in vinyl by Feedbands - Download Card

Mountain Whales is out now in limited number in vinyl by Feedbands - the set includes a Download Card too!

domenica 13 ottobre 2013

"Mountain Whales" in vinyl cut by Pete Lyman

by feedbands.com:

"Spinning this month's record, single color run in SMOKE. Has already begun shipping. 

This month's record is special. It is our sixth release but it is the first Feedbands record who's laquer master was cut by Pete Lyman. For the last six months Feedbands has been on a quest to find the most talented individual in the world to cut our laquer masters. We finally settled on Pete, who's cut masters for artists such as Weezer, Gogol Bordello, Vampire Weekend and Gorrilaz.

Pete uses a Scully lathe that he outfitted with Neumann electronics and a Neumann cutting head. Neumann was the german company who's lathes were better engineered, while the American built Scully lathes had more solid overall machines but never the level of engineering that Neumann had behind it. So Pete combined the best of both worlds by literally installing Neumann electronics and a Neumann cutting head into a Scully LS-76 machine.

We believe there is only one such lathe in the world. This record was cut from that very special lathe. And we are blown away by the sound."

martedì 1 ottobre 2013

“Mountain Whales” – Feedbands Vinyl Record


 Exciting news!

…to all of you listeners, fans, music lovers, collectors or hungry ghosts!

Thanks to you guys, who liked and pushed our music up in the chart, and to the team at Feedbands, our last album “Mountain Whales” is getting a special, limited and numbered edition vinyl pressing.

This is another version of the original album with slightly different songs line-up, including “Rose Is A Rose” and “Everywhere”.

This vinyl record is available for Feedbands’ subscribers and follows high quality standards and comes with unique special packaging including also a biodegradable download card, that you can use to get a digital version of the record: the download card is embedded with wildflower seeds: plant it, water it, and watch it grow!

Sign up for Feedbands – Vinyl Records That Rock to receive your copy!

 (Scroll down on the link below for details)

Link to Feedbands – Vinyl Records That Rock 


Mattia Mercuriali (aka mERCU) says:

“Is vinyl for nostalgic people? Probably…
Is it for fetish? Ehmm.. YES
Is it better than CD? Sure…or maybe not....?...(…but who cares?...CD is "vintage" almost like a LP...)
But there is one thing it can definitively assure you, compared to any other media…: the TIME and DEDICATION that some music deserves.
No skip…no random access… no playlist… just the album in full…oh.. and NO remote control!.. you have to move your ass if you want to listen to the remaining half ! this is also a healthy activity in the end… “



Notizia eccitante!

... per tutti voi ascoltatori, appassionati, amanti della musica, collezionisti o mostri affamati!

Grazie a voi ragazzi, che avete amato e spinto la nostra musica su nella classifica, e grazie al team di Feedbands, il nostro ultimo album "Mountain Whales" viene ora stampato in vinile in edizione speciale, limitata e numerata.

Questa è un'altra versione dell'album originale con una lista canzoni leggermente differente, che include "Rose Is A Rose" e "Everywhere".

 Questo disco in vinile è disponibile per gli abbonati a Feedbands rispettando standard di alta qualità, e viene fornito in una speciale confezione unica, contenente anche una scheda biodegradabile da scaricare, che può essere utilizzata per ottenere una versione digitale del disco: la scheda per il download è integrata con semi di fiori di campo: piantateli, annaffiateli, e guardateli crescere!

Iscrivetevi a Feedbands – Vinyl Records That Rock per ricevere la vostra copia!

(Scorrere verso il basso dal link qui sotto per i dettagli)

Link a Feedbands – Vinyl Records That Rock


Mattia Mercuriali (aka mERCU) dice:

"Il vinile è per nostalgici? Probabilmente ...
E' per feticisti? Ehm .. SI
È meglio del CD? Certo ... o forse no ....? ... (... Ma che importa? ...il CD è "vintage" quasi come un LP ...) Ma c'è una cosa certa, rispetto a qualsiasi altro mezzo...: il TEMPO e la DEDIZIONE che certa musica merita.
Nessun salto ... nessun accesso casuale ... nessuna playlist ... solo l'album per intero ... oh .. e NESSUN telecomando! .. si deve muovere il culo se si desidera ascoltare l'altra metà! ….è anche una attività salutare alla fine ... "