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sabato 16 gennaio 2016

New Feedbands Interview

A chat with the great Feedbands

Read it here below

Amycanbe - What are you up to? 

Amycanbe - Official Soundcloud Channel

Here our new official channel on SoundCloud

We are just going to upload it with all remixes, curiosities, reworked and alt-versions of songs we have

A lot of new remixes will come up this year...so here we go


Amycanbe - Queens (Dustin Lefholz Remix)

Queens (Dustin Lefholz Remix) is OUT TODAY!

You can now find it on Juno Download and other stores worldwide

Soundcloud Link


BELLA NOTTE LINENS - 2016 Spring Collection

A beautiful Surprise!

Bella Notte Linens 2016 Spring Collection video is up on Vimeo.

See their new fabrics and colors up close and personal, with mood music by Amycanbe - Wake Me Up.


Great article by Syffal about GRANO: "...Amycanbe, you're fucking amazing. I'd carry your comforter no matter the discomfort."

read the full article here http://www.syffal.com/videos/amycanbe/grano


GRANO is our new video out from album WOLF Video directed by Seth Morley Watch video here on YouTube