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venerdì 14 marzo 2014

Guitarmonk - Amycanbe for indian music schools

Broadwayworld annunces: "Italy has again produced an amazing band of talents in the form of Amycanbe. And Guitarmonk Records is proud to present to you a striking and crisp music from Amycanbe!"

Read more at http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwmusic/article/AMYCANBE-Now-with-Indian-Record-Label-GM-Records-20140314#UuKIJUUmKdW53uFk.99

And we are happy for having been choosen by Guitarmonk great Kapil Sravistav's organization and chain of guitar schools in New Delhi and in all India.

Guitarmonk is A 360 degree music concept - 7000 + Students | 11+ Awards | 8+ Countries, also recognized with State Award in the field of music excellence. Guitarmonk as a 360 degree music concept exists with the motto of -
  • Preservation of Arts i.e. record, promote, publish and distribute the definitive arts works.
  • Effective music education in rehabilitation of society.
  • Create social campaigns in generating awareness about various socio-health issues.
  • Creating new opportunities, concepts and business models in art & music sector.
Again, we are very proud to be part of that.

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