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venerdì 8 novembre 2013


Obscure Sound writes a great and moving article about our latest "Mountain Whales" out in vinyl thanks to Feedbands and especcially how they love BUFFALOS...well... we love it too!
 "Amycanbe are not an obscure band, and “Buffalos” isn’t a new song — if you live in Europe, that is. This four piece has been getting good notices and racking up impressive international tours since 2005, when they released their self-recorded Yellow Suit EP. Their latest full length, Mountain Whales, hit the old world in 2011 — but, now, under the auspices of Feedbands it has a North American release as a limited pressing on colored vinyl, which makes this a good time to talk about Amycanbe and, especially, “Buffalos”.

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