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domenica 13 ottobre 2013

"Mountain Whales" in vinyl cut by Pete Lyman

by feedbands.com:

"Spinning this month's record, single color run in SMOKE. Has already begun shipping. 

This month's record is special. It is our sixth release but it is the first Feedbands record who's laquer master was cut by Pete Lyman. For the last six months Feedbands has been on a quest to find the most talented individual in the world to cut our laquer masters. We finally settled on Pete, who's cut masters for artists such as Weezer, Gogol Bordello, Vampire Weekend and Gorrilaz.

Pete uses a Scully lathe that he outfitted with Neumann electronics and a Neumann cutting head. Neumann was the german company who's lathes were better engineered, while the American built Scully lathes had more solid overall machines but never the level of engineering that Neumann had behind it. So Pete combined the best of both worlds by literally installing Neumann electronics and a Neumann cutting head into a Scully LS-76 machine.

We believe there is only one such lathe in the world. This record was cut from that very special lathe. And we are blown away by the sound."

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