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mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

SONG OF THE DAY: "Everywhere"

Song Of The Day chooses "Everywhere"

...really worth a vote! :-)

"Wow! What a dark intruiging tune!…This is the best thing I’ve heard in ages…I could listen to it ad libitum…and the voice! what a voice! It makes me shiver and shake. The overall track is basically a synth song on a syncopath rhythm you can even dance to it, there is something devious and sensual it gets fully addicted to the song from the first second….simply amazing! Then you can even discover something other from this band, you will be really suprised when you will find out they are from Italy, they feel so nordic….also songs like Truth Be Told or Buffalos or Rose Is A Rose, you can find on youtube, are real jewels and they cover a so wide spectrum of sounds and emotions you cant help asking yourself why such a band cannot be promoted properly to a wider audience…I think they need just a little to be noticed worldwide, making a support act to a great and famous alternative band, that, for example, could be a great thing to do! Com’on managers and labels, do something worthwile once in a lifetime!…go and take these guys out from nowhere! they really deserve it and, most of all, WE really deserve to listen to their stunning songs…I bought their last album Mountain Whales on iTunes, and it is the best thing I bought this year…so mellow, so dreamy, so beautiful…"

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