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venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

VISO MUSIC - Video of Please (ATLAS version)

VISO MUSIC just published a new video of Please, one of the songs included in Mountain Whales, our new album.

This weird video itself has been captured by "Lele Marcojanni" team some months ago near home, intended as part of an APP Project called ATLAS (which has not been realised so far...maybe someday...;-)

The song itself is actually quite different from the original one, and it is really unplugged acoustic live (one central mike only!)...a sort of rearranged baskers style version let's say! :-)

Mountain Whales is available on iTUNES or in our shop @ www.amycanbe.it

VISO MUSIC is the first aggregated music video hub online featuring independent artists and labels. VISO network reaches billions of views annually and has hundreds of thousands of subscribers on their various channels.

Some other news from Amycanbe and VISO MUSIC will come soon...

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