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venerdì 18 novembre 2011

Mountain Whales (Track By Track)

Clickkate qua per l'originale in ITALIANO :-)

Here below in english (by Google translator :-)

No more stories...Amycanbe are one of the best examples of Italian pop band for export, as confirmed by numerous European tours, which have behind them (and even before them). Who are also great musicians that has been tested by my personal experience (and indirectly, if I think I heard some comments): less than a year ago with Fusoradio I helped and organize one of their splendid performances in Rome.

Over the past few days Mountain Whales has been released, their new album.

That comes after about 5 months away from The world is round (and 3 years from the beautiful Being a grown-up is complicated shure), an EP that I personally have eaten, and of which even a month ago here we proposed a track of DLSO for download.

We asked Matthia Mercuriali (bassist, guitarist, but as we shall see more ...) to act as spokesperson for the band, and tell the disc track by track. He accepted, took the headphones, he listened to all songs and has transcribed memories and thoughts. This is the result:

1. My love
It started with a rather difficult birth ... which fortunately gave "birth" to a child who is the opener all at our gigs .. started as a completely different track, to become .. when nearly completed, anything ... I'd like to show sooner or later also the first version, I liked it.
I think it's the only piece recorded live with few overdubs .. I want to point out that the rhythm part is not a drum machine .. but it has been created with a loop of synths...nerd stuff ... well ...

2. Truth Be Told
Here we should give to Caesar what is Caesar's ... a big idea and intuition are from Matta (producer and sound engineer along with Aldred Dear ndr) ... that has turned an interesting piece in the song that perhaps stands out the most from all others .. and moreover it gave me a beautiful Music Man to play ...

3. What If
A song that gave us particular satisfaction and troubles to record the intro ... has been revised several times ... the end result, according to me, sounds very nice and snug ... I can not deny that I thought of the Air and Pink Floyd while I was playing .. (God damn me!!)

4. Ask Me
A piece, as it rarely happens, starts and finishes on the disc without too many "smooth path" or second thoughts ...
perhaps one of the few pieces that we do not rearrange live ..

5. Buffalos
Here the phase composition was really fun ... programming and reprogramming the electronic drums, then resonate with real batteries, reversing cutting and sewing .. a little 'as a novice cook who tries to make his macaroni perfect ... it must be said that the addition of "spice" in the process of mixing gave that "special touch" to the taste ..

6. Your Universe
This is one of the songs during the concerts, I can not wait to play ... plus the bass gave me a lot here "taste" ... I particularly like the double entries, which in our pieces are not as usual .. and the only final guitar.

7. Andy Shoes
A piece created in the rehearsal room, arranged there and then ... the whole band ... the text is one of my favorites.
A very similar approach to the one of Ask Me.

8. Different
Finally a (lot) little 'guitar! When I'm told by the director "while crushing stomp of" I do not ever pull back ...
A curious thing is the bass part, because we did not know what to invent when recording .. I am locked in a room with a laptop and Ableton Live, there are party to be assembled and disassembled down on existing tracks, when the ' I did hear other alginate producer .. greatly appreciated ... and said "good, as we have recorded the sound .. no .." .. then I do not remember for what reason I had to rather absurd to resonate ( and relearn) the whole .. grrr! not always (thankfully) the technology does not save the manual work ..

9. Wake Me Up
One of the most fun things about this song is to hear the "mash-up" while Mark is singing Imagine by John Lennon on ...
I think it's the oldest piece finished on this album ..

10. Please
They make me crazy the "dolphins" and then ... .. I know I should not say, but I think the ending is shivering my back back ..

11. One Eye Two Eyes In Mouth
Another idea that has been in the pipeline for months and months .. that first found a way ... Mark had recorded in his house and sent me the email because I was playing it on a synth .. from there it has never changed ... as long as the melody of the voice with Francesca (born one night of insomnia during the recordings in the theater) has made a real song .. I always thought it would be a perfect closure for the album.

A questo link invece trovate lo streaming integrale del disco.

Vi consiglio di iscrivervi alla pagina Facebook della band, per essere aggiornati sul tour, partito proprio in questi giorni, e su tutte le novità che li riguardano.

E di segnarvi anche il blog degli Amycanbe, sempre aggiornato.

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