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martedì 24 maggio 2011

"The World Is Round" is OUT!

"The World Is Round" is out!

New EP is now available worldwide in main digital stores such as iTunes and all others worldwide and you can listen to it now for a week on ROCKIT

Anticipated by Everywhere as single (including also Everywhere - Dub Version by mERCU) few weeks ago, "The World Is Round" is a unique initiative produced by Open Productions & Assalti Al Cuore

Inspired by Gertude Stein novel, this mini-album is a visionary concept, including 5 unreleased new tracks, all covered, one by one, by an original artwork specially drawn by the great painter Simone Brandi

The art and the songs will be available and listenable in streaming through the band's main site...stay tuned!

The World Is Round

Round And Round
Rose Is A Rose
Blue Mountain

Written, arranged, performed by Amycanbe

Produced by Matta & Alfredo “Epi” Gentili & Amycanbe
Engineered by Matta & Alfredo “Epi” Gentili
Recorded at Teatro Petrella, Longiano (FC), Italy
Mixed by Mark Plati at Alice’s Resturant, New York, U.S.A.

"The World Is Round" is also available as CD-Special package you can order here (just look the central column in the menù!) or through our shop/site www.amycanbe.it


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