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venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Blue Mountain


looking forward to next releases later next mounth, photographer Bea De Giacomo made some new great pictures of us! :-)

Inspired by one of our new songs called "Blue Mountain" also included in our next ep The World Is Round Bea made this:


photo: Bea De Giacomo
styling: Angelica Torelli
starring: Amycanbe

Amycanbe are wearing:

Francesca: Parka ALBINO DEUXIÈME, maglione CANEDICODA, maglia FEBRUARY, leggings I-MALLONI;
Marco: cardigan ALBINO DEUXIÈME, pantaloni NOVEMBER
Glauco: blazer ALBINO DEUXIÈME, pantaloni NOVEMBER
Mattia: cardigan NOVEMBER, jeans HTC, scarpe VOLTA
Paolo:maglione girocollo ALBINO DEUXIÈME, jeans 55DSL, scarpe VOLTA

Hope you love this as we do!

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