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domenica 11 aprile 2010

PEACE - Out Now!!!


Amycanbe, amongst many others artists from over 50 countries, such as Mogwai, 4hero, Patrick Wolf, Fennesz, Ryuichi Sakamoto to name a few, join the music atlas project, by Barcelona djs Buffetlibre & Amnesty International.

PEACE is out now, given for free to all those who, through the official PEACE website, make a minimum donation in favor of the NGO Amnesty International. All benefits will go to Amnesty International's humanitarian aid projects in areas of conflict.

We contribute the music atlas with a new song called

Rose Is A Rose (PEACE Mix)

Let's give support to Amnesty International, download the compilation and enjoy!!!



2 commenti:

apegialla ha detto...

che bello.....esce proprio per il mio compleanno!!!!

Amycanbe ha detto...

auguri!!!!!!! (cavolo me l'avevi anche detto...ma sai...il vino....;-)