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martedì 9 febbraio 2010

The Blue Walrus Talks About PEACE


a lot of buzz is growing in the blogsphere these days regaring the Buffetlibre Djs great project called PEACE, in which we have been invited.

Here is an excewrpt of the one from The Blue Walrus:


The Buffetlibre duo have come up with an impressively unique concept for their PEACE compilation album that is due for release on 1st March – creating a musical atlas of the world with songs from each and every corner (or at least from more than 50 countries). These aren’t just unknown artists either, they’ve got Voxtrot from the USA, Official Secrets Act from the UK, The Hidden Cameras form Canada, The Toxic Avenger form France plus many other less recognisable but no less impressive acts from Lebanon to Greenland to Congo.

…and the best part? All the proceeds go to Amnesty International and their campaign for human rights across the globe and you can choose how much you want to pay/donate (minimum €2) And you don’t have to listen to Bono’s whining! If that has wet your tastebuds then we have a few MP3s to share to prove how good the music is on this thing.


...AND WE FULLY AGREE!!!...:-)



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