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venerdì 2 ottobre 2009

Hi everybody,
yes it is true!!!

As a lot of blogs and press is saying, something new is on the way...

In collaboration with Amnesty International, Buffetlibre DJs present: PEACE, an initiative that will include exclusive songs by musicians from over 50 countries. The goal is to merge a stylistic variety that represent the music scenes from all over, whether they be geographically and culturally distant or near.

PEACE will be digitally available worldwide in January 2010, letting listeners pick their own price for the album, with a minimum of €2. All proceeds will go to Amnesty International's humanitarian aid projects in areas of conflict.

Spanish collective Buffetlibre has done many international musical projects. Their latest venture Peace is a global effort involving all kinds of musicians from 42 countries to release a compilation album that supports humanitarian causes - all proceeds will go to Amnesty International.

Amycanbe have been asked to rappresent Italy together with other bands such as our long time friends Les Men Avec Le Lunettes and Perturbazione all in Peace

So here we are with a new song called Rose Is A Rose.

You can listen, download and donate through Peace site (PEACE Line-Up)

The song, written by Amycanbe, inspired by a novel by Gertrude Stein, has been recorded at the lovely Teatro Petrella di Longiano, produced by Matta & Alfredo "Epi" Gentili & Amycanbe.

The song is going to be also a taste of our new project, due for a spring release tentatively called The World Is Round


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