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lunedì 5 gennaio 2009

Amycanbe - Education....

going on updating our brand new TV, we now uploaded on schedule also one of many interesting talks of a channel called www.ted.com

You can enjoy the today performance art on 06/01 at 02.00 hrs (always a great time for culture, education and stuff isn'it?!?!?...;-)

We thought that a great TV needs also something like that...a different entertaining let's say...and TED in particular is a great example of how you can use a web TV in total freedom, having a real experience without forgetting how many great and useful humans are in the world and how the new techonologies can be useful to meet them virtually if those are properly used!

We are going to upload some others from time to time...anyway any suggest from you is very appriciated.

Thank you in advance


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